Vote: Should Spanking Be Illegal?

By Tonka Dobreva 01.13.2016 interact

As you learned on the show today, the Canadian government is working to make spanking kids illegal. Currently, a controversial law allows teachers and parents to use “reasonable force” to spank children at school and at home.

Spanking is illegal in more than 40 countries worldwide, including Germany, Greece and Argentina. In the US, spanking is legal in all 50 states for parents but only 19 states allow teachers to spank kids at school.

We want to hear from you — should spanking be illegal? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments section below. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Abby

    I think it should be illegal because you are hurting a child and it does not really help them learn to not do that. It should be especially illegal for schools!

  2. Camryn Humphreys

    yes, because all it does is scare your children and doesn’t solve the problem, it just makes it WORSE.

  3. Deedee

    I honestly think it’s a terrible idea. It scars your children and doesn’t solve the problem; I think talking about it is more helpful.

  4. Alli

    Spanking is not a bad thing, you are simply told not to do something and sometimes kids don’t understand through verbal, so the physical action takes place.

  5. lil keko

    yes becuase most kids when they get spanked they feel hurt like they have been abused

  6. Lana

    I think it could go both ways! Not all kids will learn not to do something by an adult saying “Don’t do that again!” But at the same time, you can’t spank a child every time they do something wrong! Isn’t that child abuse? This is a tough one…

  7. Spencer

    No, because spanking a child is discipline. A spanking is a sting that only lasts a few seconds, while not causing harm to the child. It still teaches children their lesson, but it is not ‘abusive’.

    • Reuben

      Yes I think it is illegal because it is mean and can get into kids abuse

  8. Peyton

    No, because it’s a way of discipline. If your mother or father tells you to do something, you have to until you’re legally an adult.

  9. Emily


    • Seanna

      No, because the child will continue bad things.

  10. Kiki

    It shouldn’t be illegal because you are just going to spoil the kids and they will never lead their lesson you should spank them just because you want to but kids need to learn their lesson or they will do bad in life sure it hurts but they need to learn

  11. Jacob

    It should be illegal because it hurts little kids

    • Nia

      I think that parents should not spank their kids because it is pretty much violence. I think they should talk to them and if they are still acting bad then they should discipline them by putting them in their room for a while or putting them on punishment like them being grounded.

  12. Kayleigh Roddy

    No way, throw that idea away I think children should learn behavior issues through speeches and influences not through violence!

  13. AJ Grimaudo

    Yes and no. Yes it should be illegal but that does not mean parents cannot discipline their children!

  14. Arika

    It should be illegal because you should be able to dicipline your kid without spanking him/her and it hurts to

  15. Grant Turner

    I think spanking should be illegal.Although it makes children behave I still think you should not spank children.

  16. Victoria

    I think it should be because it is considered child abuse and there is no reason why you should do that

  17. Izzie Ide

    I think it should be illegal because it’s mean and should be counted as child abuse!

  18. Angel

    I don’t think it should be illegal! Parents should be able to disaplan their children their own way!! Only some people take it to far. If you spank a child correctly it’s fine as long as you don’t take it to far!!

    • Ava

      I agree

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