Vote: Should Students Be Allowed to Choose Where They Sit in Class?

By Tonka Dobreva 01.25.2017 interact
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Traditional classroom setups rely on assigned seating where teachers create seating charts and rearrange seating based on how students behave. One study looked at how classroom seating arrangements influenced student motivation and achievement, and it concluded that “there was significant improvement in all performance levels with the teacher chosen seats.”

Some also argue that when teachers assign seats, it facilitates discipline in the classroom. In his book Tools for Teaching, classroom management expert Fred Jones says “When students as a group are given the freedom to sit wherever they want in a classroom, they will always choose the location for themselves that is to the teacher’s greatest possible disadvantage.”

Proponents of more flexibility in the classroom say letting students choose where to sit — and even allowing them to move around — may help students focus better. It may also encourage them to take the lead in the learning process and to collaborate better with their classmates.

We want to know what you think — should students be allowed to choose their seats in class? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments section. We will air the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. marissa denney

    yes I think students should get to choose where they sit it may help bring up their grades and wanting to interact in class alot more..!!

  2. Alexa Sulzer

    Yes i believe that students should be able to sit where ever they want because the chances are that the student will like you more and learn more from it.

  3. napa

    Yes, because kids should be able to sit where they want.

  4. Devin E.

    Yes, because when kids get to choose where they sit they can start to interact with their classmates which allows to build better friendships and also become more social. There is also the fact that kids will be happier because they can sit by their friends and carry out small conversations. Some people might see this as a bad thing, but if this starts to get out of hand the teacher could have them simply move.

  5. curtiswagner

    Yes because kids get real easy so if they can choose to sit where they want maybe they wouldnt get as bored.

  6. thanya

    no, classmates would get distracted and more injuries would occur.

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