Vote: Who Did Better During the Presidential Debate?

By Tonka Dobreva 09.27.2016 interact

This year’s first one-on-one presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was the most watched presidential debate in U.S. history. Preliminary numbers estimate that the event raked in 80.9 million TV viewers across the 12 news networks that broadcast it live. And the number is even higher when you count in the people who gathered to watch it at parties or watched online and via social media.

Both candidates faced some tough questions: Hillary Clinton had to address the use of her personal email while serving as secretary of state– a scandal that has been plaguing her campaign, and Donald Trump was questioned about his tax returns.

Other hot topics were the war on terror, gun control, job creation and taxes, foreign policy, the racial tensions in the country and each candidate’s experience that qualify them for the presidency. Some of the attacks even got personal!

Our Team OneVote members watched the debate and weighed in. Alicia Huggins said: “I think my candidate Donald Trump did an amazing job at the debate and he answered all the questions to the best of his ability and defended all the answers the best that he could.”

According to Elliot Smith, “Donald Trump took the bait that Hillary Clinton offered him far too much and sometimes went off message.”

Now we want to hear from you — who did better during the first presidential debate and why? Vote and tell us your thoughts in the comments section. We will air the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.



    I think Hillary Clinton because of Donald trump get in than he going to make people stop what the want in life and than I think Donald will stop a hole bunch of thing for out community

    • calen downs

      no trump is better#awsome

  2. Anonymous

    I did not watch the debate…I really want Trump to win. However the candidate you choose is who you choose. You have to look at each candidates stance on important topics. For me, I am Pro-Life. Every day, Babies are being MURDERED by their mothers, and that killing is hidden by terms like “the right to choose”, “Women’s Choice” and etc. For those who are against killing of babies, look at each candidates stance. Majority of the Candidates support abortion. I am in support of Trump, because he is against abortion. Sorry for the harsh reality of it all, but ABORTION KILLS CHILDREN! Pro-Life and Pro-Choice, when I am old enough to vote, will have an important role in the Candidate that I cast my vote for. All I am going to close with is do your research!!! Do not let yourself be led astray from your beliefs!!That is it.

  3. mathew

    trump is a lot better

  4. stella burnett


  5. Justin

    Let’s go Trump. He’s the best.

  6. stella burnett

    hillary all the way! hillary provided answers, and trump just talked about how rich he was.


    i think hillary # go girl

  8. Arthur Wellesley

    Donald Trump smacked down #Crooked Hillary!!! New York will vote TRUMP #MAGA

  9. Madison

    I think Hillary did better. Donald Trump only showed violence and ignorance in the debate. Whereas Hillary had more to talk about and how to solve problems.

  10. Madison

    I think Hillary did better. I mean, neither of them are fit to be president in my opinion, but when it comes down to the details, Donald Trump has only shown violence. And now about Hillary and her emails. This can make her seem like a liar, but does it make her violent? Racist? Sexist? Like Donald Trump? What has he said that makes you vote for him? Hillary wants to create more jobs and increase or decrease taxes on certain people. Which I think is fair, because some people can’t even pay taxes. All Donald Trump wants to do is build a wall, send Mexicans and immigrants back to where they came from, and make life hard for poor people, black people, and immigrants.

  11. Joan perez

    No Hillary is better

  12. Ashton Hayne & Garrett

    Donald Trump did better, Hillary needs to explain her emails!

    • Colson Billingsley

      Agreed, but Donald Trump needs to release his tax returns he hasn’t paid in 10 years!

      • Anonymous

        He hasn’t paid his taxes for 20 years not 10

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