Vote: Would You Drink Less Soda If It Cost a Lot More?

By Tonka Dobreva 02.13.2017 interact

One of the sweetest ingredients in food is also one of the most controversial. Sugar has been a subject of quite a few studies, scientists recently claiming the substance increases the risk of certain diseases. Some countries across Europe have introduced a soda tax in an effort to curb the consumption of sugary drinks, and now the U.S. is following suit. While there is no nationwide tax on sugary drinks, several U.S. cities have proposed the measure, and Philadelphia recently became the first major city to enforce it.

Proponents of the tax claim it will reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, lowering obesity rates and risk of certain chronic diseases like diabetes; but those against it say increasing the price of soda will hurt local businesses.

We want to hear from — would you drink less soda if it cost a lot more? Vote and tell us what you think in the comments section below. We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show.


  1. Wyatt pung

    Yes to much money

  2. Montana

    No because pop is the one the many things people drink in the world

  3. Claire hughes


  4. Camryn Humphreys

    Yes,because you are just wasting money on something that just dehydrates you more. To be honest, I think all sugary drinks should be banned because that’s what gives us health problems is sugar.

  5. Dawn Henke

    I would not drink soda as much if the prices became crazy.

  6. Hailey

    Yes I would drink less soda, because why would you spend more money on a drink that makes you even more thirsty??

    • Alex Mattison

      Agreed!! Why would you drink more of something that’s A: Bad for you and B: Makes you even thirstier?

  7. Bryce

    Yes: And I want to be healthy

  8. Bryce23

    Yes: plus it’s bad for you

  9. Ashley

    Yes because you might get thirsty

  10. Gordo

    I think that if soda cost more, then we would drink it less since it would be more of a treat. Like going to a fancy restaurant rather than going to McDonalds for dinner!

  11. Ariana P

    No way, why would you drink soda for more of your money. It’s best just to stick with regular drinking water. #tomuchsugar

  12. Lyna

    Yes I would definitely drink less soda because Im not paying extra for something I used to be able to get for less

  13. Camie

    No way! I will continue to drink soda if it costs more.

  14. Britney

    I would because it is bad for you and plus I don’t like most sodas anyway. ( I just care about the Gatorade!)

  15. Erik Jackson

    Yes because my health needs to be safer

  16. Erik Jackson

    Yes because I would want my health to be safer

  17. Tyler H

    I would drink less soda if it cost more. Water is better for you anyway.

  18. Tyler H

    Yes. I would drink less soda if it cost more.

  19. Zoe A.

    Yes, because if the price is 2 or 3 dollars than I would get soda. On their hand, if it was 5 to 10 dollars, then I would get it occasionally. I don’t want to spend a lot of money just to buy some soda. It is good, but if it is 5 to 10 dollars, I’m out!

  20. Raegan

    Yes, I would drink less soda if it cost more because I would want to save money. I think it would be ok to have a soda once in a while but only for a special treat. I think raising the price on soda is a good idea because it is also better for your health.

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