Vote: Would You Want a 4-Day School Week?

By Tonka Dobreva 11.03.2016 interact

Education budget cuts have become increasingly problematic for schools across the U.S. lately, triggering teacher protests and school closings. Balancing decreased funds with the need to maintain the quality of education, some schools have taken to unconventional measures. One such school is Inola High School in Oklahoma. After losing $400,000 in state funding over the last year, school officials decided to shorten the school week to four days while adding extra hours to the school days. This way the school was able to avoid laying off teachers and to keep student school work largely unaffected.

The 4-hour school week is currently in effect in nearly a third of school districts in Oklahoma. In addition, 21 more U.S. states have adopted such measure across some of their schools to deal with tighter budgets. And while the 3-day weekend is exciting for most students, it does make some teachers feel the pressure of fitting all the curriculum into a shorter week.

We want to know what you think — would you want to have a 4-day school week? Vote and tell us your opinion in the comments section below. Then tune in to our daily show to find out the results of the poll and to see some of your comments featured on the air.


  1. Jacob jesse

    Yes we should have a 4 day week of school because a 5 day is long and lagy

  2. Emily

    Yes, because it would give us have a week at school and still have a 3 day weekend. Students could have more time to do homework and study and hangout with friends.

  3. Gloria

    My Advisory students say: Yes, more personal time, more out of class time for homework, easier to complete out of school demands, more sleep, more time for sports,

  4. Josiah Herrera

    No. Because that would mean one less day of learning and with learning comes success.

  5. ceara

    no, because that would mean less channel one news!!!!!! what do you think channel one news?You are my favroite news crew ever th news ever thank you for the best channel one news 1 vote. by the way how do you make an account?

  6. Sean Zangs

    I think we should because we get to much homework in school in a five day week so a four day week would be nice

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