What Team OneVote Thinks About the Mock Election Results

By Tonka Dobreva 10.25.2016 interact

America’s youth voted, and they chose Hillary Clinton to be their next president. It still remains to be seen whether the student vote predicts accurately who wins the general election on November 8th.

Read below what our Team OneVote members have to say about the results. Do you agree/disagree with them? Tell us in the comments your thoughts about the outcome of the OneVote Mock Election.

Kai Sherwin: I wasn’t sure who would win the mock election, but knowing that Hillary Clinton won is a great indicator of her future performance in November! 

Brooke Reaves: I actually was not surprised by the outcome of the Mock Election! I think that teenagers for the most part, like many millennials, stand for civil rights and social justice issues on the left, and find Trump and his tone to be too incendiary for a presidential candidate. I was surprised by the percentage of the other vote (12 percent); I hope that was for Johnson, and I’m so grateful for my part in Team OneVote advocating for him and liberty! As for Texas in particular, I was also not surprised by the outcome of the election. Texas is a strong state for Republicans because voter turnout is very, very low for minorities. With the Mock Election, all the participating high schoolers voted, and this allowed for a more accurate view of the population. However, in the actual election, minorities will be grossly underrepresented. That statement also needs to be qualified because I think this upcoming election will have more voter turnout than any before because of how media-driven and polarized (and polarizing) the campaigns are. As expected, I’m disappointed at the outcome–a victory for Clinton–but will continue to stand with and advocate for my principles.

Alicia Huggins: I think it’s awesome students voted, but I still think Donald Trump will win president of the USA.

Phillip A. Godin: While it is true that Trump may easily have a chance in the general election for the whole country and that’s all that would matter, I find it absolutely disgusting that our youth, many of whom are older than I am, are completely in sleep mode to the severity of how broken our country is starting to be and that another Democrat for president just isn’t the solution. The big majority of minors that voted in this mock election don’t realize that if Hillary Clinton does win the election in November, they will most likely be very sorry that they didn’t listen to Mr. Trump and their good buddy Phillip. 

Simone Chaddha: I’m not surprised that Hillary won but I am a little surprised at the states that didn’t vote for her. But it was a really close election and it was a fun experience!!


  1. April

    I agree

  2. nyasia

    I am so glad that Hillary won for one vote .

  3. Logan

    I’m so happy that Hillary Clinton won. All these people who say she’s going to take are guns and bring ISIS into america are childish and only listen to there parents who don’t do research. Hillary will have GUN CONTROL, not strait up take our guns. Democrats are great and so are most republicans, but trump is a aggressive, childish, racist, bias,liar who, in fact, will do ANYTHING to trick people into voting for him which includes the use of fear. He isn’t the most qualified person to be president and neither is Hillary, but please consider the fact that he wants to “Make America great again”!? I thought we were the greatest country in the world, right?

  4. iannah

    well I think Hillary Clinton should win because trump is a down lie he is not a kind a prisdent we need he does the dum stuff o Hillary I vote for you.

    • Jeremiah

      I think trump should have won because he has awsome red hair, and we get to keep our guns.

  5. kennedy

    I think Hillary will win

  6. Alexus

    Hilary Clinton is a liar whereas Donald Trump is too outspoken. Either way the election would be shocking.

  7. Emily

    Honestly, as much as I do stand for women’s rights myself, I believe Hillary is just not right for our country as the president. I hope Donald Trump wins.

    • bartels47

      true dat

    • April

      I agree

  8. Angelina

    I kind of expected that Hillary Clinton would win this election, but a have this feeling deep down in my hear that Trump will, sadly, win the real one.

  9. Lindsey

    That’s awesome one got alswo channel one I hope you guys could come to my school sandy river middle in west Virginia. Also Keith you rock. I love you channel one!

  10. Titilope

    I thought it was awesome to see such an awesome presidential debate ,which I think Hilary should win ,I also think they should not be voted cause of their races .

  11. Andy moore

    How can people vote for someone who put our national security at risk and didn’t get punished for it? If a normal person did that they would have had prison for life but Hillary gets away with it!

  12. Destiny

    I personally don’t like Hillary Clinton but I guess it’s not my decision

    • nyasia

      why not she is amazing

  13. Mackenzie M.

    Wow i cant believe that Hillary won by that much! 🙁

  14. Nikki


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