What’s Your Body Image?

By Tonka Dobreva 02.18.2015 interact

A healthy body image is essential for self-esteem and is a good foundation for leading a healthy lifestyle. Diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to feel good and be healthy –we also have to view our physical appearance objectively.

What’s your body image? Take our quiz to find out. Then, share in the comments section below your results.


  1. Chave

    Wow I did not know that about me half way there wow

  2. Sidney

    The test is messed up so wrong I am perfectly happy with my body and I would not change a thing. The survey said I would trade with someone in an instant , so wrong!!

  3. Ryleigh

    I think that the results are messed up. For example, I pressed all of the ones that I thought were me, and the quiz said that I have a “screwed view” even though I feel perfectly fine about my height, weight, etc. Please try to fix that if you can.

  4. Ime

    Not really but I don’t eat much and don’t care what people say as long as I’m not 200 lbs in 5 grade im fine and I way 120

    • Callie

      I do too wow! How tall are you by the way. I’m 5 ft 2in

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