What’s Your Winter Sport?

By 12.13.2015 interact

Do you crave thrills? Or do you like to stay on solid ground? From freeskiing and snowboarding to hockey and curling, find out which sport best warms you up when it’s cold outside.


  1. David o


  2. Hallie

    It said snowboarding but I am on a regional travel 12 extreme volleyball team

  3. Zander Navratil

    Snowboarding is #1 but I got what I dispise SKING

  4. Julia

    My sport was SNOWBOARDING! Not surprising considering I love snowboarding.

  5. Dylan hoey

    I got Hockey and I love it!

  6. Ella Moody

    I am going to try to practice (maybe) over the winter!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. isiah

    snowboarding is the coolies and i will do it

    • emma

      Well, you do know the true meaning of cool right? But if you use it in that way you are saying that snowboarding is cold or chilly, but it totally makes sense that you said that because you snowboard in snow!:)

  8. isiah

    snowboarding is the best

  9. Maria

    I always ski it’s fun for me, but I could try something else.

  10. wise

    #hocky fever :-}

  11. Gowen Isaak

    that sounds right

  12. lauren mathews

    i usually ski, but my sister is trying to convince to go to snowboarding, now i just might

    • Ella Moody

      I wouldn’t mind snowboarding, but I wouldn’t really have any way of steering besides my body. I would rather ski because I would have those steering stick things t help me steer.

    • kennedy b

      I don’t like snowboarding and I never will

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