Quiz: Wonders of the World

By ch1c0nta@ctus 11.17.2015 interact


Ancient, modern and natural, we’ve got your wonders covered.


  1. justin

    i got a 100%

  2. justin

    what is the most ancient building
    in new England in 1637

  3. Ryan Chiang

    I didn’t.I got (63.9)

  4. K a i l e y W i n n


    • Ryan Chiang

      I didn’t. I got 63.9

  5. Serena Hoy

    The Great Wall of China cannot be seen from the moon, however the pyramids can. My class spoke with an astronaut who has been on the international space station (commander Dan Burbank U.S. coast guard)
    if you wish the question to be correct then you could state the it is rumored to be seen from space.

    • Tonka Dobreva

      Thank you for your comment, Serena. We do specify in the answer that this is not a fact, but a myth.

  6. Dylan's Mom

    i got 100% 1 try

    • justin

      me too

  7. konnor engle

    I made a 100%

  8. cynthia

    Hi I really like to watch you guys talk about what is going on in the world and all the updates, I hope you can do more sports, or put some celebrity things going on. I watch you guys every Friday I am always ready to see what you have to say.

  9. Jayden C.J. Walker

    wow, I don’t know a lot about landmarks…

  10. Betsy

    So did I

  11. Abbi and Rylee

    I failed that

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