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China may be most well-known among Americans for its Great Wall, (Americanized!) food, kung fu and communism, but with its massive East Asia landscape of mountains, waterways and desert, its rich civilization dating back nearly 5,000 years, and a population over 1.3 billion people, there’s certainly a lot more to learn. For starters, did you know an estimated 300 million people play basketball in China? That’s nearly the entire population of the United States! Explore and find more fun facts in the quiz, slide show, and geography, history and culture sections below.




With a population as plentiful and dynamic as China’s, it’s a tall order to generalize the country’s defining cultural characteristics. The majority of the nation speaks widely varying dialects of Mandarin, in addition to six other major languages, and there’s no official religion in China although a quarter practice traditional Taoism and Buddhism, with a bit of Catholicism, Islam and Protestantism practiced here and there.

Tea is a coveted cultural staple, and typical fare in China depends on geographical area and ethnicity, but a few standards include dishes of tofu, rice, dumplings, and veggies such as beans and bamboo shoots. However, food’s not just for sustenance—especially around the holidays. During the Chinese New Year celebration, (or Spring Festival), food is carefully selected and prepared with the symbolic purpose of enhancing the lives of those partaking, and their ancestors. Noodles dishes, for example, are served nice and long, to symbolize long life, while fish is served whole to symbolize togetherness. Outside of festive holidays, a focus on togetherness across generations of a family is prevalent in Chinese culture, from its wedding and funeral traditions to everyday life and decision-making.

China as a country has found international success in an array of sports, as evidenced by the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics where they won the most gold medals of any other country by far. But since the U.S. invention of basketball in the late 19th Century, the sport has been part of life for people from poor farmers and factory workers to wealthy military and political leaders. Table tennis has also been a source of national pride and unity for over a century.

At 500 meters long, 400 meters wide, and 100 meters high, the New Century Global Center is the currently the largest freestanding building in the world and is located in Chengdu. he multifunctional building will be home to different types of business, including a IMAX Cineplex and an ice-skating rink which can accommodate international competitions.
In just 360 hours, or 15 days, a Chinese company, Broad Group, constructed the 30-story Ark hotel in Hunan Province. This is not the first time the firm has completed such a feat, as they completed a 15-story version in Changsha, in a mere six days. The building is entirely modern in both style and efficiency, including a hi-tech air filtration system, four-pane windows with exterior solar shades, and steel infrastructure tested to be resistant of a 9.0 magnitude earthquake.
In the Songjiang district of Shanghai, a nine-town development is in progress as a proactive measure to help accommodate an ever-growing population. In 2001, in anticipation of a housing crisis in cities, China has began to build a series of ‘copy cat’ cities that mirror ones from countries all over the world, including The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and England. Regardless of the efforts, and the necessity to decentralize Shanghai, by 2006 very few residents, and consequently businesses, had moved into the new development forcing the project to be discontinued.
Built for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, the Beijing National Stadium remains one of the most prominent structures in the city. Because of its web of steel beams, the stadium was nicknamed the The Bird’s Nest. The internationally renowned project cost $428 million to build and can accommodate up to 91,000 people. In November 2013, the Chinese Olympic Committee submitted a bid for Beijing to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. If the bid comes to fruition, the Beijing National Stadium will be the first stadium to host the opening ceremonies for both the Summer and Winter Olympic games.
Opened in May of 2012, the China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters is known to locals as The Big Pants building because of it's unusual shape.
The Beijing South Railway Station opened in 2008 and is one of the largest train stations in Asia. It has a glass ceiling that contains more than 3,200 solar panels that generate electricity for the station.
The National Center for Performing Arts is also known as The Giant Egg. It is an opera house that opened in 2007. Made of glass and titanium, it is completely surrounded by a lake.

Click the photo below to view a slideshow of a Channel One trip to China with Shelby Holiday
Last meal in the U.S.!! #Smashburger
Just arrived in the China!
Layover in Hong Kong over…Headed to Shanghai!!
The lobby of our Shanghai hotel.
Time to do a little exploring in the city. #Shanghai
Fat statue man.
Beijing Road in Shanghai.
Shanghai Buildings
Shanghai Buildings
Shelby interviews Chinese workers at North American Company Dunn Global.
Dunn Global produces shippable homes to North America.
American Interns gain great business experience from working in China. #DunnGlobal
Paxton, an American working interning for Dunn Global, says if you want to be in international business, this is the market to come to.
Shelby talks to the Founder/CEO of Dunn Global about the challenges of working with the Chinese people.
Shanghai city streets
Shelby interviewing an American intern in Shanghai.
Shanghai city view.
Time to stop and get some food…meal choice…noodles.
A cool lamp
Walking down to the water front in Shanghai.
Shanghai skyline from The Bund.
Shelby doing what she does best.
He caught us taking a picture in this packed train.
Meet our fixer/translator/guide Feng Weiyi
Shelby interviews a professor at Fudan University in Shanghai
Welcome to Fudan University
Goodbye Shanghai Clock, headed to Beijing.
Waiting for a cab in Beijing.
Shelby and her new friend the waitress at South Beauty.
Looks like I made some new friends too at the restaurant.
Shelby trying to exchange contact info with the waitress…a bit of a language barrier though.
Beijing buildings.
Welcome to Tiananmen Square.
Made some new friends here too.
Ni Hao, little boy.
Mao Nike Sponsorship?
Walking around the Hutong...narrow alleyways and streets with shops!
Shelby is quite popular with the Teens!
It is sooooooo hot!
Shelby stepping behind the camera.
Alright back to work.
China is the largest cell phone and computer market in the world…this is why!
iphone map of North America from China.
Beijing from the hotel room.
Beijing from the hotel room.
Planning out our shoot with students at the Dandelion School.
At the Dandelion school, students from rural communities get the same education opportunities as kids from the big cities.
At the Dandelion school, students from rural communities get the same education opportunities as kids from the big cities.
Students who have studied in the US have brought that knowledge back to other students at the Dandelion School.
Nice thank you card from the Dandelion School.
WOOOO! Dandelion School!
Off to our next shoot. #Beijing
China is trying to break some more building records!
The Chinese love KFC.
China Youthology is a company that studies youth trends in China.
China Youthology is a company that studies youth trends in China.
Learning about the environmental issues in China.
These students are trying to clean up the environment in China.
Back to our favorite waitress  #southbeauty
Headed to the Great Wall of China!!! #fistpump
Great Wall History
We didn’t have time to hike up the wall, so we took the gondola.
Longest wall I have ever seen! #notexaggerating
Great Wall Selfie!
Reporting from the Great Wall.
Reporting from the Great Wall.
We told our fixer to report something for us haha.
The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall of China
#GreatSelfie #GreatWall
Weiyi fell asleep. SMH
Time for me to report on the wall.
Our fixer practicing his reporting skills.
Communist Panda
Hanging out with the China Youthology employees.
China Youthology
They asked us to post what we wanted and what we could offer! #ShelbyWantsMandarinLessons
Party time for China Youthology
Party time for China Youthology
Had to write down where our hotel was so we could get home in a cab. #IDontSpeakMandarin
Not sure what this was a pic of lol.
Party time for China Youthology
Headed to the Forbidden City
Mao Zedong Portrait
Mao Zedong Portrait
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
The Forbidden City
Meal time…lots of meat options.
Finding out what it is like during the school day.
Cool coffee shop sign
Shopping in Beijing
This is what the money looks like.
Last interview of the trip.
One last food shot before we go


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