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Bonjour mes amies! You’ve probably heard a lot about what it’s like to tour France, from food and fashion, to historic sites and architecture. Yet, France is more than a tourist destination packed with bicycles, baguettes and berets.

With a history filled with political and artistic revolutions and centuries of leading the fashion and art world, France is also the home to some of the most influential artists and world-renowned chefs. Theoretically, one could spend years touring the country, let alone, its capital city, Paris.




France is home to 66 million people, approximately 66 percent of whom are Christian, 9 percent Muslim, and 5 percent Jewish and Buddhist respectively. French is the official language, and unfortunately, once-spoken dialects of Catalan, Provencal, Flemish and others are in rapid decline.

French holidays include Christmas and Easter, but also observances such as Bastille Day, honoring the start of the French Revolution, and Victory in Europe (VE Day), which celebrates the end to World War II and its horrible atrocities.

There’s an immense pride in French culture across areas of history, food, fashion, art and innovation. And why shouldn’t there be? French accomplishments are plentiful, and inventions include everything from batteries, bicycles, and Braille to parachutes, pencils and sewing machines. Then of course there’s the slew of brilliant painters such as Renoir and Monet, and groundbreaking scientists Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Nostradamus.

When it comes to food in France, things are done quite differently than they are in the United States. Breakfasts are fairly small and simple, with a main component of coffee, accompanied by toasted bread and jam, pastries or world-class croissants. Snacking between meals is not a common occurrence, and the French typically sit down for long lunches and dinners, savoring multiple courses slowly. In fact, people are encouraged to take a solid break from work to socialize and dine out for lunch everyday. Through the tickets resto program (food vouchers) employers pay approximately half of an employee’s restaurant lunch bill, and employees kick in the other half from their paychecks. A typical lunch or dinner has a starter of salad, soup or pâté, followed by fish or meat with vegetables, and finally a cheese plate or other dessert. A common “fast food” item is a fresh-as-can-be baguette with butter, cheese and ham.

Football (soccer) is huge in the country, with legendary players including Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henri. Other popular sports include cycling, tennis, rugby and basketball.

Learn more about the vastly fascinating country of France in the quiz below.


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