Struggle in the Holy Land

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The part of the world that is home to three of the world’s major religions, that more than half of people on the planet follow, is an area about the size of the state of New Jersey known as the Holy Land. Stretching from the Mediterranean Sea on the west to the River Jordan on the east, this parcel has been called the most fought-over land in history.

Learn about the history of the region known today as Israel and the Palestinian Territories and consider why the volatility that began thousands of years ago continues with the timeline below.


  1. Keke

    It’s not about religion,race or who believes in who. It’s about care,respect,and love.

  2. Keke

    My opinion is they should stop fighting and make up and be friends

  3. pandasrlife

    i believe that people should be treated the same way. i am for years old and i am the smartest kid in my class. i have gotten a phd in building blocks and legos. i am a medial doctor that helps treat pandas that r strandeed in the raimbow jungle. peace out PaNdAA Sc0uT. <3

  4. yoloswag69for4lyfe

    i think that kids should be 5 years of age to get a cell phone. we are responsible kiddies.

  5. doglover30111


  6. 1124544

    kids should be at least 10 or older

  7. 1124544

    is race nessasary let there be freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amanda Rodriguez

    I think kids should get cell phones when their 10 or 11

  9. chuck kim

    kids should get a cell phone until their parents learn the amount of responsibility their child can hold

  10. #likeaboss

    When I saw that the soldier asked the reporter what rease she was that’s kind of scary.

    • gavin

      its race and its necessary with all the Palestinian suicide bombs

  11. Sadie

    I think children should be about 12 years old before they get a cell phone.

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