World Series Trivia Quiz

By Abbey Tiderman 11.01.2016 interact

Are you an expert on America’s favorite pastime? Put your World Series baseball brain to the test in the quiz below.


  1. Imutney Boaitey

    i love the cobs so much even though not into ,baseball people like the cubs and they won so yeah i love the cubs too >-<

  2. Natalee stewart

    I’m not really into baseball that much but I love the Cubs!!!!!

  3. Erin

    This was a really easy quiz.

  4. Caleb H

    some say the cubs are like Kensucky, there worng

  5. jeff

    i got 10/10 and i wanted the Cleveland Indians to win 😉

  6. Hayden Darby

    Baseball is the best sport ever,No questions asked.Plus softball too.

  7. Billy

    I cant believe that the cubs won

  8. jackson rainbolt

    goo cubs gooooooooo cuuuubbbbsss.

  9. brandon

    i got 10 right

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