Your College Application Checklist

By Tonka Dobreva 01.16.2016 interact


Of course, the first step to applying to any post-high school program is to do your research! Whether it’s a college, university or volunteer organization you’re looking for, make sure to gather information on the programs offered and the costs to make sure it’s a good fit for you. If you get lost, U.S. News & World Report has an easy to use website that ranks schools according to a wide variety of factors.

standardized tests

While some schools are trying to move away from considering test scores in the admissions process, many still do. So your next step is probably going to be taking a standardized test. The most popular ones in the U.S. are the SAT and the ACT, both of which are offered year-round. Make sure you take your test with plenty of time for your scores to get to schools before application deadlines. If you need study help, there are lots of free resources online, or you can see if your school offers a class.


So you’ve got your list of schools, and then you get a good look at the cost of tuition. Yikes! College can be expensive, but luckily there are many ways to help ease the costs. Start out by filing your FAFSA. The FAFSA is an important tool in getting financial aid for school, as it determines your need and helps colleges create a package for you. File your FAFSA online as early as possible, so that you get the best offers possible. Also look into scholarships –there are lots of very specific ones that may fit your interests!


Most schools and post-graduate programs ask for some kind of writing sample, essay or personal statement. Writing about yourself and your goals can be hard, especially if you’re still not sure what you want to do (which is totally okay!). If you’re stuck or want feedback on your writing, share your essay and ideas with teachers, friends and family. They can check your writing for errors and remind you of all the awesome things you’ve done that you can write about!


So you’ve sent in your application, test scores and the school of your dreams wants to meet you! What now? First of all –don’t stress. You know you’re great, your friends know you’re great, now you have to convince the admissions board, too, that you’re great. Meet with your guidance counselor or a teacher to get an idea of what questions you might get asked, then have them practice your answers with you. Then make a list of 5 things you want the school to know about you and practice talking about them in front of the mirror or with a friend. The main thing is to get comfortable with talking about yourself and your accomplishments.

Good luck!



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  2. Cayda Hefty

    I wanna go to high point and take the business and athletic training classes. I am in 7th grade i have been saving up for this since 3rd grade.

    • austin

      i think that if u want to go to college you need to make sure it specifies in what u want to be like if ur a scientist u wan that college to be a good science education in the history of the college or football u would want a good football history. i know where ur coming from im in 7th grade.

  3. Jared.romang

    You should go to a college that you would learn and have fun and also make new friends

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    i’ve always been interested in the culinary arts, journalism, or nature conservation. and i hope to get a good education to pursue my dreams.

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    I want to go into the marines and I want to go to a good college for a good education

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      We want to go to a good school and have a good education and get our dreams on and hopes up so we are going to try our best in school to be the best as we can be

  6. immarebelgal

    Yeah, it’s sort of hard to choose a college or university that has the exact curse you’re looking for, plus double majors, plus ECAs plus a good social safe atmosphere and is comparatively low cost. Guess I’d have to get a scholarship to get into one of those colleges!

    • Eric

      Yeah I agree I’m going into the marines and I want a decent education to last

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    Everyone pressures kids to go to college, yet it isn’t easy to get in!!!!!

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    I am in 7th it is really important to me to get a good education. I really want to become a doctor so I need to work hard

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    I want a good education, and planning for High School is just around the corner for me. I’m in the 8th grade, so Planning my Freshman year is happening now.

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    I like this idea and I want to good education so I can become a doctor.Even though I am 11 doesn’t mean I can’t get me a good education.

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        Hi I am in 6th grade and I think that channle one Is awesome

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