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Today on Channel One News:

  • President Obama Calls for Greater Gun Control after California Shooting
  • U.S. Military Opens All Combat Roles to Women
  • Rate of New Diabetes Cases Declines
  • A Look at Icebergs and Climate Change
  • Next Big Thing: Car Vending Machines

Classroom Discussion Prompts:

  • What arguments are presented in the segment for and against greater gun control? Which stance do you support? Why?
  • Summarize the sequence of events presented in the military segment, including what you can infer will be events in the near and far future. Support your inferences with details from the segment.
  • What do researchers say has caused the drop in new diabetes cases? Based on this, what could cause the number of cases to drop even more?
  • Is protecting the environment of the Arctic and Antarctica important? Why or why not? Support your response with evidence from the segment.
  • How is the Carvana system different from the traditional way of buying a car? How is it similar?


  • combat (noun): the act of fighting between different military forces
  • Heard on the Air: “They’ll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars, lead infantry soldiers into combat.”
  • habitat (noun): the natural home of an animal or plant
  • Heard on the Air: “Melting ice in the Arctic is causing sea levels to rise, threatening animal habitats.”
  • financing (noun): the act of providing funds for a purchase, usually as a loan
  • Heard on the Air: “When [they] buy the car…they can get approved for financing.”

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  • Extend your students’ learning from today’s show by having them explore our interactive map about climate change.
  • Have your students vote in our poll on whether car vending machines are the next big thing.
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Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. Who is running the investigation of the shooting in California?

a. the FBI

b. local police

c. the U.S. military

d. President Obama


2. What will be the likely effect of Secretary of Defense Carter’s order?

a. Fewer women will serve in combat roles.

b. Qualified women will serve in combat roles.

c. The number of combat roles across the military will increase.

d. An equal number of men and women will serve in combat roles.


3. What would be the likely effect if people became even more physically active?

a. The rate of new diabetes cases would fall even more.

b. The rate of new diabetes cases would begin to increase.

c. There would be no effect on the rate of new diabetes cases.

d. The ability to collect data on new diabetes cases would be blocked.


4. Which of the following is the largest?

a. sea ice

b. icebergs

c. ice sheets

d. melting ice


5. How long do you have to return a Carvana if you do not like it?

a. 20 minutes

b. 1 day

c. 1 week

d. 1 month


1. a;  2. b;  3. a;  4. c;  5. c

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