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Today on Channel One News:

  • Congress Debates President Obama’s Request for War Powers
  • United States Closes Embassy in Yemen
  • NBC Suspends Brian Williams for Six Months Without Pay
  • Little League Strips Championship Team of Title
  • Principal and Blogger Raise Over $1 Million for Brooklyn School

Classroom Discussion Prompts:

  • What does President Obama’s proposal include? What about the proposal concerns some lawmakers? Would you vote to approve the proposal if you were a member of Congress? Why or why not?
  • Why did the United States close its embassy in Yemen? Based on what you heard and saw, was closing the embassy a good idea?
  • Do you agree with NBC’s decision to suspend Brian Williams? Support your response with evidence from the story.
  • Why did the League strip the team of the championship title? Do you agree with the decision to take the title away? Why or why not?
  • Why do you think the Humans of New York blog post about Vidal Chastanet went viral?


  • coalition (noun): an alliance between people, groups or countries who have joined together for a common goal
  • Heard on the Air: “Our coalition is on the offensive. ISIL is on the defensive.”
  • recruit (verb): to find people with appropriate skills to join a specific effort
  • Heard on the Air: “An investigation found that Jackie Robinson West officials recruited talented players who lived outside the team’s boundaries.”
  • prestigious (adjective): honored or respected
  • Heard on the Air: “Principal Lopez and the Humans of New York blogger teamed up to create a fundraiser for her students to take a trip to the prestigious Ivy League school.”

Happening Now at Channel One News:

  • How much do your students know about Islam? Have them find out by taking our Inside Islam quiz.
  • Send your students to to learn how to start a crowdfunding campaign.

Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. What is the United States continuing to do while Congress debates the war powers request?

a. launching airstrikes

b. sending in ground troops

c. requesting more war powers

d. docking ships in Syrian ports


2. Which group has a large network in Yemen?


b. Al Qaeda

c. Boko Haram

d. Ukraine rebel soldiers


3. What did Williams say that was a misrepresentation?

a. He said he was covering a war.

b. He said he was reporting from Iraq.

c. He said he was travelling with an NBC news team.

d. He said he was in a helicopter that was shot down.


4. What did the League discover during its investigation?

a. The team used a fake boundary map for recruiting players.

b. The team included players who were older than the age limit.

c. The team used bats and baseballs that had been tampered with.

d. The team hired coaches who were ineligible according to League rules.


5. Which detail from the story best conveys Principal Lopez’s hopes for educating young people?

a. “When we get in trouble, she doesn’t suspend us.”

b. “They’re always looking at the negative before they see the positive about this community..”

c. “I wanted them to be able to know that they can aspire to be great individuals.”

d. “Their story even earned a trip to the White House.”


1. a;  2. b;  3. d;  4. a;  5. c

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