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Today on Channel One News:

  • Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates
  • Freddie Gray Case Ends in Mistrial
  • Holiday Travel Expected to Break Records
  • NASA Accepting Astronaut Applications
  • Glassblowing Company Opens Studio to the Public for the Holidays

Classroom Discussion Prompts:

  • What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve? How might decisions made by the Federal Reserve affect the economy and people’s daily lives?
  • Why do you think the jury could not reach a verdict? Support your response with evidence from the segment.
  • What reason does the segment present for an increase in holiday travel? How might this same factor affect other aspects of people’s lives?
  • Describe the ideal candidate for the NASA astronaut program. Why are the qualities you picked in describing the candidate important to NASA?
  • What would you want to make out of glass? Why? How would you make it?


  • vast (adjective): great in number or size
  • Heard on the Air: “The vast majority of them will be driving to their destination.”
  • discouraged (adjective): having lost hope; feeling like something you want to happen will not happen
  • Heard on the Air: “That is about a 0.1-percent chance of being accepted. But aerobatic pilot and NASA applicant Melissa Pemberton isn’t discouraged.”
  • pretentious (adjective): trying to impress by exaggerating skill, knowledge or other positive qualities
  • Heard on the Air: “We take what we do very seriously, but if you ever get a chance to come down to the studio, then you’ll notice…we’re not pretentious people.”

Happening Now at Channel One News:

  • Send your students to for five do-it-yourself holiday decoration and gift ideas.
  • Teachers! Big plans for the holidays? Stay in touch with us over the break using the #Ch1Jolly on Instagram. We’ll be sharing our photos and reposting favorites.

Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. Based on information in the segment, what can you infer is a sign that the economy is doing well?

a. Interest rates go up.

b. Interest rates go down.

c. Interest rates remain the same.

d. Interest rates change wildly on an hourly basis.


2. What do prosecutors now have to decide?

a. whether to seek a new trial

b. who the arresting officer was

c. how many stops the police van made

d. what role Porter had in Freddie Gray’s death


3. Based on information in the segment, what can you infer would be an effect if gas prices had gone up?

a. Holiday travel would go down.

b. Holiday travel would go up even more.

c. Holiday travel would remain the same, but more people would fly.

d. Holiday travel would remain the same, but more people would drive.


4. Who would most likely be chosen by NASA for the astronaut program?

a. a math teacher who can build a computer

b. a biology student who speaks three languages

c. an astronomer who wrote three bestselling books

d. an engineer who has piloted a jet for the U.S. military


5. How old is the art of glassblowing?

a. It is about 200 years old.

b. It is about 2,000 years old.

c. It is about 4,000 years old.

d. No one knows.


1. a;  2. a;  3. a;  4. d;  5. b

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