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Today on Channel One News:

  • President Obama Declares State of Emergency in South Carolina
  • Coast Guard Searches for Missing Cargo Ship
  • Doctors Without Borders Hospital Hit in Afghan Airstrikes
  • Gunman Kills Nine at Community College in Oregon
  • ‘The Martian’: A Look at How NASA Helped Make the Movie Accurate

Classroom Discussion Prompts:

  • Which details in the segment help you understand why President Obama declared a state of emergency in South Carolina?
  • Based on what you heard and saw, what effect do you think Hurricane Joaquin had on the cargo ship?
  • Why do you think Doctors Without Borders is calling for an independent investigation of the attack? Support your response with evidence from the segment.
  • Do you think not naming a gunman in the media is an effective tactic for helping to reduce the number of mass shootings? Why or why not?
  • How does learning about the movie “The Martian” make you think about science and space exploration? Does it make you more interested in space travel or less? What impact do you think the movie will have on people’s interest in and support for traveling to Mars?


  • distress (noun): the state of needing much help very quickly
  • Heard on the Air: “The last time the crew sent a distress signal was Thursday morning.”
  • avoid (verb): to keep something from happening
  • Heard on the Air: “Sheriff John Hanlin wants to avoid giving him glory by refusing to use his name.”
  • galvanize (verb): to cause (people) to become so excited or concerned about an issue, idea or something else, that they want to do something about it
  • Heard on the Air: “Hopefully, the message in this movie is one that galvanizes participation in stuff like this and makes people excited about science.”

Happening Now at Channel One News:

  • How much do your students know about extreme weather? Have them take our quiz to find out?
  • Send your students to to learn how to enter the Imagine Mars project.
  • This week, the Nobel Prizes will be announced. Have your students read our list of five things to know about the Nobel Prizes.

Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. What shut down much of South Carolina?

a. flooding

b. mudslides

c. high winds

d. fallen trees


2. Which detail from the segment best supports the idea that the cargo ship may have sunk?

a. “The ship was lost in the ocean just as Hurricane Joaquin rolled through.”

b. “The last time the crew sent a distress signal was Thursday morning.”

c. “The vessel had taken on water and lost power.”

d. “The winds were punching in at 130-miles-per-hour.”


3. What is the official reason for the U.S. airstrikes?

a. The hospital was under attack.

b. Terrorists were hiding in the hospital.

c. U.S. soldiers were pulling out of Kunduz.

d. Taliban fighters were firing on U.S. soldiers.


4. What is the most likely reason the segment includes the following detail?

“Shootings that attract media attention increase the chances that others will occur within two weeks.”

a. to support the claim that mass shootings are contagious

b. to explain why the sheriff refuses to use the gunman’s name

c. to convey why the shooting took place at a community college

d. to clarify certain comments the shooter made on his social media accounts


5. Which of the following statements is supported by the segment about the movie “The Martian”?

a. Matt Damon will actually travel to Mars.

b. The movie “The Martian” is based on a true story.

c. The windstorm in the movie “The Martian” could actually happen.

d. The details in the movie “The Martian” are based on how NASA does things now.

1. a;  2. c;  3. d;  4. a;  5. d

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