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Today on Channel One News:

  • President Obama Meets New King of Saudi Arabia
  • Most Roads Open After Northeast Blizzard
  • Day of Remembrance Marks Liberation of Auschwitz
  • Measles Outbreak in California Continues to Grow
  • Generation Money: A Pizza Business That Gives Back

Classroom Discussion Prompts:

  • Based on what you heard and saw, why does the United States want to have a strong relationship with Saudi Arabia? What could hinder a strong relationship between the two countries?
  • How did the blizzard affect different parts of the Northeast?
  • Who gathered at Auschwitz for the day of remembrance? When did the ceremony begin? Why did it begin at that time? Based on what you heard and saw, why was it important to hold a day of remembrance?
  • Do you agree with Dr. Sears that vaccines should be delayed or skipped? Or do you agree with Dr. Lehman that children should be vaccinated? Support your opinion with evidence from the story.
  • Generation Money: Why do people love the program at Rosa’s Fresh Pizza?


  • execute (verb): to kill someone; often used in reference to killings ordered by a government
  • Heard on the Air: “The former prisoners laid wreaths and touched the Wall of Death, where Nazis executed at least one million people at Auschwitz.”
  • sufficient (adjective): adequate; enough
  • Heard on the Air: “Simply being in the same room with someone who has measles is sufficient to become infected.”
  • gesture (noun): an action performed to convey one’s feelings or intentions
  • Heard on the Air: “A small gesture means a lot more than you might think.

Happening Now at Channel One News:

  • Send your students to to extend their learning from today’s measles story.
  • Inspire your students to become social entrepreneurs by having them read about four teen-run organizations that “pay it forward.” Then have them vote in our poll about whether they are more likely to buy from a business that gives back.
  • Teachers! Check out Channel One News Ed Tech blogger Monica Burns’ latest post about Using Voxer to Connect With Your PLN.

Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. What is one concern the United States has about Saudi Arabia?

a. human rights abuses

b. the lack of a clear leader

c. an inability to produce oil

d. a shortage of medical supplies


2. What did Massachusetts experience in addition to the blizzard?

a. earthquakes

b. tornadoes

c. flooding

d. hail


3. What did the Holocaust survivors call on world leaders to do?

a. build a museum about the Holocaust

b. hold more days of remembrance

c. pledge to never engage in war

d. teach tolerance


4. How many non-vaccinated people out of ten will someone with measles infect?

a. 1 in ten

b. 3 in ten

c. 5 in ten

d. 9 in ten


5. Generation Money: According to the video, how many pizza slices have been donated?

a. 80

b. 8,000

c. 10,000

d. 80,000


1. a;  2. c;  3. d;  4. d;  5. b

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