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Channel One Daily News Quiz:

1. Where did the gunman hold the hostages?

a. in a cafe

b. in a hospital

c. in a museum

d. in a government building


2. What does the lawsuit claim about the gun used in the shooting?

a. It malfunctioned.

b. It is a military assault weapon.

c. It was rigged to be more deadly.

d. It is missing from the evidence room.


3. Why did illegal hunters target white rhinos?

a. for their tails

b. for their hides

c. for their horns

d. for their hearts


4. White families make how much more money than black families in South Africa?

a. twice as much

b. three times as much

c. six times as much

d. White and black families make the same amount of money.


5. How much money has been donated through

a. about $2 million

b. exactly $17 million

c. just under $88 million

d. more than $250 million


1. a;  2. b;  3. c;  4. c;  5. d

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