You want to land that dream job? Chances are, so do dozens or even hundreds of your peers. But adding a unique twist to your resume could very well help get you noticed in a crowded field of candidates. Here are a few ideas.

Sweet Treats

We’re not talking bribery here—although a little chocolate has the potential to go a long way with a sweet-toothed hiring manager. But for once it’s not exactly what’s inside that counts—it’s all in the packaging. Brainstorm ways you can be clever with various designs. Perhaps it’s a you-branded box with strategically placed key words, or your experience and awards listed out as ingredients on chic paper wrapping. Just be sure to include all the important information such as your contact details and why it’s you they should hire.


Styled Photograph

Have an artistic eye? Understand how to build an impactful composite image? Set the scene for your potential employer with a single photograph. Think about what will help tell the story of who you are. What could you incorporate into an image that would highlight your experience and strengths? Perhaps you show what’s in your backpack or on your desk. Maybe you lay everything out on a bed next to a suitcase like you’re packing for an adventure. Because, well…you sort of are!

Video Introduction

Comfortable in front of a camera? Producing a creative video could be key to getting your foot in the door. First, think about the ways you can showcase your personality and talents. Do you sing or dance? Are you a skilled athlete, or great with editing and animation? Then write a script that best summarizes your experience and skills, and communicates why you are the best person for the job. Keep it short, sweet and professional. And if possible, send your video as a link—not a bulky file attachment.


Are you a “visual person?” If you’ve got graphic design skills and can pull off organizing your experience in an innovative way, go for it. Seek out examples of flow chart resumes and see how your background would be best presented. You could even create a yes/no flow chart that leads a reader down various paths, revealing your character and skills along the way.



Themed Resume

A one size fits all approach to job-seeking is a major no-no. And while any resume—no matter the format—should be tailored to the specific job that you’re applying to, this may be particularly important when crafting a themed resume. By themed we mean taking something recognizable—an product listing, a Google Analytics report or a Photoshop document—and using it as a template to communicate your personality and strengths in an inventive way.





Mmm…burger and fries. A classic American culinary combo. We don’t often stop to consider what it takes to put one on the plate though, do we? Like all the water used to produce just one pound of grain-fed beef—nearly two thousand gallons! Or all the greenhouse gasses emitted in the process—as much as all the world’s vehicles, ships and aircraft put together! But what if we could have our burger and feel good about it too? It’s possible with the new Impossible Burger from Impossible Foods, a company founded in 2011 made up of passionate foodies, farmers, scientists and engineers.

What makes this 100 percent veggie burger so believable? A heme protein called leghemoglobin helps it “bleed,” sizzle and taste like beef. It’s also made with wheat, coconut oil, potatoes and other all-natural ingredients, so it uses 95 percent less land, 74 percent less water and creates 87 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a conventional beef burger. And with no hormones, antibiotics or artificial ingredients, it really does seem like a better burger.

“The long-term goal of Impossible Foods is to accelerate the switch to a sustainable food system that creates new markets for farmers and helps feed 9 billion people by 2050,” said Impossible Foods CEO and founder Pat Brown in a recent press release. “We plan to expand to a full range of delicious products, including pork, chicken, fish and dairy so that people can continue to eat the foods they love. The burger is just the beginning.”

The Impossible Burger is available at a handful of west coast restaurant locations so far, but when it does make it to your town, will you ditch the cow and make the switch?

Vote and tell us what you think — you can even submit video comments to We will feature the results of the poll and some of your comments on the show!

SOWETO, South Africa (AP) — South Africa’s scandal-ridden president said Sunday the ruling party has made “mistakes” and is determined to root out the corruption that is destroying the country’s democracy, as a shaken African National Congress begins looking for a new leader before the next election in 2019.

President Jacob Zuma tried to rally the ANC at its 105th anniversary celebration after a year in which the party saw its worst election showing since taking power a generation ago at the end of white minority rule.

Many blame the 74-year-old Zuma, who in November escaped a move by senior party members to oust him as president. Zuma faces the reinstatement of corruption charges linked to an arms deal and has been accused of allowing a wealthy family to influence state decisions, among other scandals.

“When leaders and members of the ANC are corrupt and steal they are betraying the values of the ANC, the people and our country. We will not allow this,” Zuma said to a stadium of thousands of party faithful.

South Africa’s move last year to leave the International Criminal Court, after former President Nelson Mandela was a passionate advocate for the court’s creation, led critics to again say the ANC had drifted from its earlier ideals. Meanwhile, anger grows over high unemployment, a weak education system and poor delivery of basic services in a country that jostles with Nigeria to be Africa’s leading economy.

“Our people have told us that we come across as too busy fighting one another and do not pay sufficient attention to their needs,” Zuma said. “We must give our people hope. We must unite against our common enemies, which are unemployment, poverty and inequality.”

The country’s next presidential elections are in 2019. An ANC conference in December will determine who will succeed Zuma as party leader — and likely as president, as the party has never lost the general election since it took power in 1994.

But the party is under growing pressure from the opposition. In August’s municipal elections, the rival Democratic Alliance reached beyond its political stronghold in the Cape region to win control of the capital region and Johannesburg for the first time.

Neither of the two people seen as the likely candidates to succeed Zuma as ANC leader, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and African Union Chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has declared their intention to run.

The ANC’s Women’s League has announced its support for Dlamini-Zuma, who is also President Jacob Zuma’s ex-wife. In his speech Sunday, Zuma made a point of saying that the focus this year is on empowering women.


Associated Press videographer Renee Graham contributed.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A protest against Mexico’s 20-percent gasoline price hike turned violent Saturday after a lone protester drove his truck into a line of police guarding a fuel distribution terminal in Baja California.

Federal police said seven officers were injured in the incident in Rosarito, near the border city of Tijuana.

Video showed the small pickup driving straight into the line of riot police, then backing up and speeding off.

Largely peaceful protests against the fuel price increases continued elsewhere in Mexico Saturday, and looting seen earlier in the week largely subsided. But nervousness remained.

Officials in Veracruz, one of the states hardest-hit by the looting on Wednesday and Thursday, said some neighborhood groups had begun to form patrols of residents armed with staves or machetes to ward off looters.

Veracruz Gov. Miguel Angel Yunes Linares said 532 people had been detained in his state alone and that social rumors of further looting — apparently unfounded — had caused “an artificial psychosis.”

He said that in the northern part of the state, given this psychosis, “the neighbors decided to arm themselves with staves, machetes, creating the impression that there were armed groups of criminals.”

Yunes Linares said the government was trying to convince residents to stop such patrolling.

The Interior Department reported a total of more than 1,500 people have been detained for looting or disturbances nationwide since protests began early in the week.

It is unclear how many have been charged. Hundreds of stores were looted, mainly on Wednesday and Thursday. Police protection of stores has been stepped up since.

The federal police reported continued protests, and some highway blockages, on Saturday.

Thousands of people marched down main avenues in the western city of Guadalajara Saturday to protest the increases, which are part of a government effort to deregulate fuel prices.

Despite persistent rumors that political interests might have egged on the looters to smear the gas-hike protesters, Yunes Linares said there was “no evidence that political parties were involved.” He said authorities were investigating whether criminal gangs had taken part.

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — They are the coaches behind the coaches, pouring over hours of video and logging plays. They spot trends and make suggestions. Their work produces the building blocks of a game plan.

They have duties similar to graduate assistants, but without having to juggle all that school work. They have titles such as quality control coach, administrative assistant and analyst. Analyst was Steve Sarkisian’s job at Alabama until a week before the biggest game of the season when he was promoted to offensive coordinator .

The former Southern California coach will be calling plays for the Crimson Tide, replacing Lane Kiffin when No. 1 Alabama (14-0) faces Clemson (13-1) on Monday in the College Football Playoff national championship game.

“We’d still watch a lot of tape, still try to game plan, then offer up as much advice as I could to the game plan, then to the coaches,” Sarkisian said Saturday. “Then it was more sit back and analyze how we were performing.”

The NCAA allows just nine coaches to directly instruct players on the field during practice and games. Four graduate assistant coaches are also permitted. Those spots are generally held by aspiring coaches and they must be working on a graduate degree. They are allowed to work with players at practice and be on the field during games, but the bulk of their work is in the film room.

At powerhouse schools such as Alabama and Clemson support staffs have grown in recent years to include coaches who don’t carry whistles. Sarkisian, who was fired by USC during the 2015 season, was hired by Alabama coach Nick Saban as an analyst earlier this year.

Former New Mexico coach Mike Locksley, who was most recently the offensive coordinator at Maryland, is also an offensive analyst for Alabama. As is Charlie Weis Jr., the son of the former Notre Dame and Kansas coach, and former Crimson Tide offensive lineman William Vlachos. Dean Altobelli, a former Michigan attorney who played for Saban at Michigan State, has been a defensive analyst at Alabama since 2010.

They generally make about $45,000 per year, at least at the start. Clemson’s senior analysts make up to $90,000.

“You want to talk about the lifeblood of the operational football part, the X and Os part?” Alabama offensive line coach Mario Cristobal said. “They are essential and critical.”

Alabama has nine analysts on staff. Clemson coach Dabo Swinney has five analysts, including senior offensive analyst Mickey Conn and defensive analyst Kyle Richardson.

Derrick Ansley was a graduate assistant for Saban in 2010 and ’11 and rejoined the staff this season as defensive backs coach. He said many of the duties of a graduate assistant are similar to what analysts do. The analysts just have more time to do them.

“When I was a GA I had to break down the entire offensive opponent,” Ansley said. “The details that we put into it is kind of what separates us a little bit.”

What does an opponent run on third-and-4 or more? Against a four-man front? Against a three-man front? How about on third-and-3 or less? In the red zone? In their own end? All that type of information is gathered and given to position coaches, coordinators and the head coach.

“He’s watching it all, but you come in and give him a little something he may have missed because you’re studying that,” Ansley said.

Alabama wide receiver Gehrig Dieter is a graduate transfer from Bowling Green. After spending two seasons at the Mid-American Conference school and one at SMU before that, Dieter could see the benefit of all the additional input.

“There’s so many people on our staff any time you have a question it kind of gets answered,” Dieter said. “Not that it doesn’t at Bowling Green, but you just have so many eyes on you at all times so you kind of get the most accurate answers possible.”

The other benefit comes when it is time to hit the recruiting trail. Only the nine full-time assistants can recruit.

“We get done playing Florida in the SEC championship game, immediately we’re on the road recruiting,” Alabama defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt said. “Well, somebody’s got to be breaking down Washington, Ohio State, Clemson. Those guys do a job from a breakdown standpoint so when you walk in they can hand it to it you and say, ‘Hey, this is kind of what these guys do.'”

Clemson co-offensive coordinator Tony Elliott said the Tigers’ analysts are as involved in the game plans as any staffer and their input during games can be vital.

“The great thing about it is they’re just an extension of your eyes,” Elliott said. “They understand what the game plan is. They understand what the adjustments are. They understand the things that cause us problems.”

Ultimately, all these extra staffers give programs such as Alabama and Clemson more people to do more tasks more efficiently.

“Manpower,” Ansley said.

And brainpower.


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CHICAGO (AP) — The Latest on the beating of a white man in Chicago that was broadcast live on Facebook (all times local):

3:45 p.m.

An online effort to raise money for a mentally disabled man whose beating was broadcast live on Facebook in Chicago has brought in nearly $100,000.

The GoFundMe campaign called “Let’s show the Chicago victim love” had a goal of $10,000. As of Saturday the account has reached over $92,000.

Four black suspects are facing charges of battery, kidnapping and hate crimes in connection with the attack on the 18-year-old victim. The suspects — two men and two women — are black and the victim is white.

Authorities say the victim was tied up for several hours. Video footage shows the assailants taunting him with profanities against white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

A GoFundMe spokesman confirmed the victim’s family is working with the company on the campaign.

The family, through a spokesman, has declined to comment on the attack.


1 a.m.

A Chicago judge has refused to allow four black people recorded by a cellphone taunting and beating a mentally disabled white youth to leave jail, saying they are accused of such “terrible actions” that they are a danger to society.

Cook County Circuit Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil rebuked them during a Friday court appearance, asking: “Where was your sense of decency?”

The beating of an 18-year-old youth was captured on video by one of the assailants and has since been viewed millions of times on social media. The footage shows the suspects taunting the victim with profanities against white people and President-elect Donald Trump.

They are charged with two counts of committing a hate crime — one because of the victim’s race and the other because of his mental disabilities.