Maggie and Tom share their most memorable moment from their trip to Iran in this behind-the-scenes commentary — watch the video below to find out what it was:

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In this video commentary, Maggie and Tom talk about women in Iran and their rights under Islamic law. Watch the web extra below and learn what women in Iran are required to wear and how both Maggie and Tom got in trouble for breaking the Islamic dress code.

In this behind-the-scenes video commentary, Maggie talks about her experience as a woman reporting from Iran — a Muslim country with very specific laws about women. From choosing her outfits to learning how to wear the hijab, to interacting with men in public, Maggie shares her challenges as well as the things she learned.

Maggie and Tom discuss their experience visiting Iran. Watch the exclusive video to learn more:

Meet Hanabiko, also known as Koko — the gorilla that is known for understanding 2,000 English words and over 1,000 hand signs from the American Sign Language. Aside from being a linguist, Koko is also known for loving kittens! For her birthday this year, Koko received a litter of kittens and adopted two of them. Watch her play with her new adorable family members in the video below.