Keith Kocinski

Posted on: 10.13.2015 in reporter

Keith discovered his love for television while watching Channel One News as a student at Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights, Ohio. He soon enrolled in a radio and television class before taking part in a variety of professional work while still in school — including hosting an Academy Awards red carpet special for a local TV station. He also worked full-time as an associate producer for Parma Area Community Television near Cleveland, Ohio.

While in college at Baldwin-Wallace, he interned at CBS News hoping to one day return to the big city. Keith spent the last two years working for NBC News 13 in Riverton, Wyoming, learning a lot of about life in the West and Native American culture living near the Wind River Indian Reservation. Keith is proud and excited to work for Channel One News. It fulfills a dream he has had since watching as a high school student. He enjoys journalism because he learns something new every day and constantly meets new and interesting people. He also enjoys the outdoors, playing sports, helping people, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

You can find all of Keith’s contributions to the show right here. 


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    Hey Keith Kocinski everyone here at St.Agnes loves you, especially me.. i am a big fan of yours and my friend Kiera loves Tom Hanson. i would love a shout out on the news, i watch it every morning.

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    Dear Keith,
    You should go to winter formal with me. I live in Washington and I love you

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    Hey I’am in love with your cute smile and how you are always happy! I hope you write bacc ! Also in your next show please Shout Out Ms. Sepulveda’s class from Palm Springs High School !!!! Love you<3

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