Maggie Rulli

Posted on: 08.14.2014 in reporter

Born in Georgia and raised in Boston by Midwestern parents, Maggie Rulli currently lives in NYC and loves it. She first fell in love with reporting her freshman year at Boston College while interviewing Santa Claus at BC’s annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

During college, she interned with Conan O’Brien at NBC before joining the prestigious NBC Page program. Maggie first jumped in front of the camera at The Pulse Network, hosting everything from fashion segments to football post-game shows.

Maggie is beyond excited to be a part of the Channel One News team and loves reporting on everything young viewers want to know!

For more, take a look at Maggie Rulli’s contributions to the show and our website.


  1. onlyme123

    Dear Ms. Rulli,
    Me and my friends at school watch channel one news together every day.We were wondering if you could please mention South Haven Elementary in one of the episodes of channel one.Me and my friends would appreciate it very very very very much!!!!!!!!

  2. yessica valverde vega

    can you say hi to my school in oklahoma city oklahoma,it is called heronville elementary.also can you say my name its yessica valverde vega

  3. yessica valverde vega

    you are the best repoter i have seen in channel one news.i am you #1 fan
    can you come this year to my school in oklahoma city oklahoma
    my school is called heronville elementary or just in one of the programs say hi to us please or say my nave
    my name is Yessica valverde vega

  4. Alexis knouse

    Your my favorite person on channel one news

  5. Lexie

    How old are you Maggie? My whole class is wondering what your birthdate is. We really enjoy you on channel one

  6. Taross

    Maggie I alwas wanted to be on channel one

    • fnxx


  7. silly_student

    I love channel one because I get to see you in it

  8. Jon

    maggie someone in my class says you are cute just letin yu know k .

  9. Lizard

    I really do like the show and I would like to say that every time I see the show it makes my day off to a great start. Thank You Channle One for all the news for every one.

  10. Devin hill

    The best show including naruto

  11. tevin

    hey can you guys mention moultrie ga please and rhe colquitt county packers we won our state champ football game

  12. emilea5603

    Maggie Rulli you look just like my teacher Ms.Quattlebaum. I mean just a spiting image. We tell her that you are her twin sister and she usually says that every body in the world has a twin so maybe you are my teachers twin

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