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Posted on: 08.14.2014 in reporter

Born on the East Coast and raised in the Midwest, Scott Evans has been working in entertainment and media since the third grade. With the support of his mother, Scott threw himself in head first. As a teenager he worked as a host and producer of the teen television show 360 Degrees in Indianapolis.

After studying communications and theater at Purdue University, he worked as an on-court host for the NBA’s Indiana Pacers and Indiana Fever. Scott would later go on to cover local events, and happenings in the Circle City for MyINDY-TV.

Scott also had the opportunity to work with the CBS affiliate WISH-TV, covering events such as Butler basketball, the Indianapolis 500 and the Grammy Awards. Scott most recently worked for the millennial news organization One Minute News as its West Coast correspondent.

While at One Minute News, Scott launched a non-profit with a mission to inspire and encourage teens to become leaders in their community. Fight The Wackness, or FTW, is dedicated to encouraging Indianapolis youth to pursue their dreams against all odds.

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  1. tuspiffygg

    I will miss seeing you next year, but u were awesome.

  2. Michaela Talbert

    everyone here in 7th grade at West Stanly Middle will miss you!! You were a great reporter and brought lost of laughs and smiles Where ever you may go,make it awsome!

  3. kayla.hausam


  4. LOLtillyoudrop

    nice reporting:D <3

  5. Devin

    I lov this show

    • LOLtillyoudrop

      Hi this is Jennifer I would really appreciate it if you gave a shout to #Parson hills Elementary school. We watch channel 1 everyday, Also, one special shoutout to Miss Ward-Seidel, Miss Elwin and Mrs.Scott. Thanks!

      #From: LOLtillyoudrop_Or_Jennifer

  6. Arthur

    Hi, this is Arthur I WISH u can give us a shout out t us at Parson Hill Elementary in North America Springdale and we watch channel 1 news every day!
    from Arthur

  7. BlackHammer

    Scott Evans my name is Jose Aguilar I hope u can give a shout out to my school (Patrick Henry Middle School) Its located in Houston TX.
    Its a HISD school too well we always watch channel one every morning ……

    Sincerely Jose Aguilar

  8. LOLtillyoudrop

    You are such a good reporter! <3 :)

    • Jennifer

      I always watch your show everyday. When I don’t see the show I get really upset.

  9. ScottEvansLover

    Sometimes, when im feeling low, I like to think about scott evans. when my step dad takes my gamecube I hope and pray that scott evans will save the day. when the bullies take my milk money I just wish that scott evans would just come and beat them up for me with his biceps. please scott evans come visit me or I will be so sad.

    Yours truly Greg

  10. I_love_SCOTT_EVANS

    SCOTT EVANS is love SCOTT EVANS is life . if your not on the show I cry .

  11. I_love_SCOTT_EVANS

    every night I before I sleep I pray to scott evans. he is my hero and savior. and when your not on channel one I cry all day.

  12. Judiepoo

    Loretta Lynch is first African American woman? Woah

  13. big zambo 61

    I’ll beat you in a one on one basketball match


    I like channel one

  15. Caroline McKernan

    You’re me favorite reporter on Channel One!

  16. peanut

    could you please give a shout out to my school which is west iredell high school.

  17. Rowan

    My school watches channel one every day at the end of the day and you’re my favorite reporter.

  18. teanaroberts4402

    My school watches your show EVERY DAY. I think that what y’all do really helps people understand how the world is doing these days.

  19. Anahi Nunez

    he is cool

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