Channel One News provides educators with a perfect source of nonfiction content that supports multiple disciplines:

  • helping to improve reading comprehension for Language Arts students
  • sparking classroom and at-home discussion on current events for Social Studies students, and
  • showcasing the latest technology in STEM

Student-centered activities integrate English Language Arts standards with core subject areas, such as science, math, social studies and geography, and are supplemented with vocabulary, discussion questions and quiz questions. Educators can search correlations to see how the instruction aligns to standards.

A Channel One News subscription gives you access to:

  • Daily newscast with two editions: Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-12, along with standards-aligned, wraparound curriculum — all in an ad-free environment
  • Associated curriculum for not only the daily newscast, but also included as an archive in the video library. In addition, each newscast’s curriculum includes a deeper-dive instructional routine for one feature story each day
  • Searchable video library of more than 3,000 Channel One News’ video segments, along with 1,200 + video transcripts. You can search by content area, grade and keywords to find multimedia content and multimodal instructional routines perfect for creating customized lesson plans or using with students for age-appropriate research

 The instructional routine includes:

Curriculum Image 3


  • Extend: Engaging timelines and slideshows extend the concepts introduced in the video segment and support differentiated instruction using images and text.
  • Write: The writing prompts are focused on nonfiction and expository writing, which helps students practice a variety of nonfiction writing types such as lists, informational text, persuasive arguments and captions.
  • Assess: Students are asked to complete short, formative assessments to showcase their understanding and to help inform teachers’ ongoing instruction.


Watch Channel One in action: 


To learn more about bringing Channel One News to your school, email us at or contact your HMH representative.