Check out our slideshow of breath-taking sunsets from around the world:

Co. Clare, Ireland

Doonagore castle at sunset

Venice, Italy

Gondolas on Grand Canal, Italian Canal Grande at gold sunset. View from Rialto Bridge.

Paris, France

View on the Eiffel tower and the skyline of Paris at sunset

Great Wall, China

China's famous landmark, The Great Wall, and mountains at sunset

Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar Bagan historical site on magical sunset with beautiful sky and Buddhist temples panoramic view

New York City, USA

Manhattan skyline at sunset

Los Angeles, Calif.

Manhattan Beach Pier at sunset. The pier is a state historic landmark and the oldest standing concrete pier on the West Coast.

Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque at glorious sunset. It's the biggest mosque in Istanbul.

Florence, Italy

The river Arno and the famous bridge Ponte Vecchio at sunset

Santa Cruz, Calif.

The Santa Cruz Breakwater Lighthouse at sunset

Paris, France

Sunset at the Louvre Museum --one of the world's largest museums and a historic monument