We’re very proud of our awards, but the most important honors we’ve received come from the people who tell us they value our contributions to young people’s lives. Here’s a small selection of the many comments we’ve received from educators:


“For some students, Channel One represents the only news of any kind to which they are exposed. This lack of connection to the outside world can only be counterproductive to an informed electorate. Channel One helps to fill that void for our students.” — Daryl C., Tennessee

“It provides our students with a daily glimpse of current events and information. They have the opportunity to be in touch with the world around them in an engaging and interactive manner.” — Frerra F., Georgia

“Many of our teachers have mentioned that Channel One has caused our students to be more interested and aware of world affairs. Parents have commented about the level of conversation that takes place at the supper table as students bring up what they heard or saw.” — M.C., Indiana

“Channel One is very beneficial to our students in the classroom. Not only does it keep them informed of current world wide events and news, it also supports the curriculum in different subjects areas such as History, Geography, and Science.” — Janice G., Tennessee

“We enjoy the BALANCED reporting we get from Channel One News. For many it is our only source of relatively unbiased reporting.” — Belinda C., Tennessee

“I like that the news is geared to teenagers. This helps the news to be relevant to our students. It also encourages teens to get involved and reminds them that they are part of this world. It makes today’s news relevant to students.” — Timothy B., Ohio

“My journalism students get a lot out of the Channel One broadcasts. There have been numerous times when they have taken the Channel One topic and put a local slant on it for the newspaper.” — Butch G., Kansas

“This is an economically disadvantaged area, and many of our students do not have access to the outside world. The broadcasts are done by people fairly close to their age, which shows anyone can have their dreams and goals become a reality.” — Beverly M., Texas

“Channel One really helps our students understand complicated current issues. The interviews with young people living in volatile situations are especially meaningful.” — Cheri M., Tennessee

“I know students benefit by being more up-to-date on what is going on in the world. I hear them talking and saying, ‘You know what I am talking about, it was on Channel One this morning.’ So, I know they are listening.” — Bonnie J., Mississippi

“Students in sixth grade very seldom watch the news on TV or read the newspapers. Channel One gives them a chance to be aware of what is happening in the world, and how it will affect them.” — Jane C., Idaho

“Channel One is the connection and tool that will help enable students to become aware and concerned with the current news. This exposure will make them more in tune with the important topics and communities everywhere.” — Thao V., Louisiana

“The variety of content on Channel One broadcasts hooks the audience. Once they’re hooked, they are exposed to bigger issues. It often provides the foundation for a variety of discussion in class.” — Michael S., Washington

“I just wanted to send a general note of appreciation for what you all are doing at Channel One News. I’m an educator in an eighth grade classroom, and I show your news program to my students every day. Not only have your programs provided a springboard for some of my most interesting classroom discussions, but as someone with a degree in communications, I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the objectivity of each of your broadcasts. I love that the news is presented in an engaging way that allows the students to form opinions for themselves. Through your approachable and professional news presentations, my students are becoming more informed, more globally aware citizens. Thank you so much, and keep up the outstanding work!” — T. Fox, Northwest Christian Academy, Miami, Fla.