Thanksgiving won’t be complete without the spectacular Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! The event and its floats have come a long way since the very first parade on November 27, 1924. In the slideshow below, we take you back in time with a look at some of the floats and balloons featured through the years.

Captain Nemo, 1929, Credit: AP

Balloons and floats, 1933, Credit: AP

Superman, 1940, Credit: AP

Teddy bear, 1945, Credit: AP

Giant baseball player float, 1946, Credit: AP

Radio City Music Hall’s Rockettes perform, 1958, Credit: AP

The iconic Popeye balloon, 1959, Credit: AP

Jumbo elephant, 1962, Credit: AP

Mickey Mouse, 1973, Credit: AP

Underdog, 1979, Credit: Jon Harder

Olive Oyl and Garfield, 1986, Credit: AP

Ronald McDonald, 1989, Credit: AP

Pink Panther, 1992, Credit: AP

Jo Jo the Clown, 2006, Credit: AP

Spiderman, 2011, Credit: AP