New Quiz For Week Ending Aug 21, 2015

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Channel One News Quiz
Week of August 21, 2015

1. Which two countries have volcano alerts?

a. Syria and Iraq
b. France and Kenya
c. Japan and Ecuador
d. Indonesia and Malaysia

2. What is contributing to the wildfire problem?

a. the intense heat
b. a shortage of firefighters
c. the toxins in the water supply
d. a lack of equipment for fighting fires

3. Who most recently secured the copyright to the “Happy Birthday” song?

a. Usher
b. Sony Records
c. Mildred and Patty Hill
d. Warner/Chappell Music

4. How many nuclear weapons exist today?

a. 1,200
b. 16,000
c. 70,000
d. 130,000

5. What was an important piece of equipment for aerial yoga?

a. tightrope
b. fabric loop
c. balancing stick
d. Velcro shoes


Answers for Weekly Quiz
Week of August 21, 2015

1. c
2. a
3. d
4. b
5. b

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