New Quiz for Week Ending February 13, 2015

Posted on: 02.13.2015 in weekly_quiz

Channel One News Quiz
Week of February 13, 2015
1. What is considered the top prize at the Grammy Awards?

a. Best New Artist
b. Best Music Video
c. Album of the Year
d. Record of the Year

2. How have the United States and the European Union already tried to pressure Russia to stop backing Ukrainian rebels?

a. with airstrikes
b. with sanctions
c. with ground troops
d. with new international laws

3. What are Boston city officials thinking of doing with some of the snow?

a. turning it into drinking water
b. using it to build an ice castle
c. sending it to another state
d. dumping it in the harbor

4. What did Brian Williams say that was a misrepresentation?

a. He said he was covering a war.
b. He said he was reporting from Iraq.
c. He said he was travelling with an NBC news team.
d. He said he was in a helicopter that was shot down.

5. How many patrons does Postmodern Jukebox have?

a. nearly 300
b. about 500
c. about 800
d. nearly 1,000
Answers for Weekly Quiz
Week of February 13, 2015

1. d
2. b
3. d
4. d
5. d

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