New Quiz for Week Ending February 6, 2015

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Channel One News Quiz
Week of February 6, 2015

1. How much did a commercial cost to run during the Super Bowl?

a. $10,000 dollars per spot
b. $380,000 dollars per spot
c. $2 million dollars per spot
d. $4.5 million dollars per spot

2. How many hours of sleep do teenagers need each night, according to researchers?

a. six to eight
b. seven to nine
c. eight to 10
d. 9 to 11

3. How soon might a baby be born from the DNA of three parents?

a. next year
b. within 10 years
c. within 50 years
d. not for at least 70 years

4. What is one reason Facebook is losing younger users?

a. too many rules
b. too many users
c. too many photos
d. too many advertisements

5. Lockitron can do all of the following, EXCEPT:

a. unlock your door for guests, even if you are not home
b. notify the police if someone enters your home while you are away
c. unlock your door when you walk up to it
d. send you a message if someone knocks on your door

Answers for Weekly Quiz
Week of February 6, 2015

1. d
2. c
3. a
4. d
5. a

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