New Quiz for Week Ending January 29, 2015

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Channel One News Quiz
Week of January 29, 2015

1. What happened in 2010 after a volcano erupted in Iceland?

a. Planes were grounded for days.
b. All the fields in Iceland were destroyed.
c. Iceland sank two inches into the ocean.
d. More than half of Iceland’s population moved to Europe.

2. What happens to a cell phone’s battery in cold weather?

a. The battery explodes.
b. The battery increases in size.
c. The chemical reaction in the battery slows down.
d. The recharging process for the battery speeds up.

3. What did the Holocaust survivors call on world leaders to do?

a. build a museum about the Holocaust
b. hold more days of remembrance
c. pledge to never engage in war
d. teach tolerance

4. Which product most helped Apple make its record earnings?

a. iMac
b. iPad
c. iPhone 6
d. Apple Watch

5. What is the next step for the creators of the Hoverbike?

a. developing the quadcopter design
b. testing a model using a human pilot
c. trying to reach heights of 9,000 feet
d. placing safety ducts on the propeller blades

Answers for Weekly Quiz
Week of January 29, 2015

1. a
2. c
3. d
4. c
5. b

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