New Quiz For Week Ending May 29, 2015

Posted on: 05.28.2015 in weekly_quiz

Channel One News Quiz
Week of May 29, 2015
1. How many national parks does the United States have?

a. one
b. 58
c. 508
d. 5,808

2. What created the cave tunnels at Mammoth Cave National Park and still supports their ecosystem?

a. earthquakes
b. volcanoes
c. humans
d. water

3. What is currently a concern in Texas?

a dam could break
a volcano could erupt
a mudslide could occur
a sinkhole could appear

4. Parts of which area still face food shortages?

a. Asia
b. Africa
c. the Caribbean
d. Latin America

5. Which of the following is true of the Sandusa towel?

a. it is extremely lightweight
b. it is waterproof
c. it contains SPF 30
d. it reflects the sun’s rays


Answers for Weekly Quiz
Week of May 29, 2015

1.  b
2.  d
3.  a
4.  b
5.  b

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