New Quiz for Week Ending November 14th, 2014

Posted on: 11.13.2014 in weekly_quiz

1. What needs to happen next for Loretta Lynch to become attorney general?
a. President Obama must identify her as his nominee.
b. The Senate needs to confirm her nomination.
c. She has to become a prosecutor.
d. Eric Holder must give his approval.

2. What helped cause the war between Austro-Hungary and Serbia to grow into a world war?
a. an assassination
b. many alliances
c. a memorial service
d. a truce

3. Which of the following is NOT a reason why babysitting might be a better job than other options?
a. It is a lot easier than manual labor.
b. It often pays better than other jobs available to youth.
c. It might be more enjoyable than other jobs.
d. It gives you better experience working in customer service than fast food jobs do.

4. Why did the spacecraft Rosetta use the gravity of earth and Mars as a slingshot?
a. To build up speed to catch up to the comet.
b. To pinpoint where to land on the comet.
c. To release a 220 pound lander.
d. To send back an unexpected sound.

5. How does the Wonderbag reduce deforestation?
a. No trees are used to make it.
b. People make money from cooking instead of logging.
c. It reduces the amount of firewood needed to cook.
d. Lower carbon emissions reduces the die-off of forests.

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