New Quiz for Week Ending November 21, 2014

Posted on: 11.20.2014 in weekly_quiz

Channel One News Quiz
Week of November 21, 2014

1. What is the main focus of the yearly G20 summit?

a. human rights
b. crime reduction
c. global economics
d. historic landmarks preservation

2. Whose faces does Mount Rushmore depict?

a. American war heroes
b. former U.S. presidents
c. famous Native Americans
d. sculptors and other artists

3. What is the focus of Band Aid 30?

a. poverty
b. famines in Africa
c. earthquake victims
d. the Ebola epidemic

4. How many immigrants are living illegally in the United States?

a. 28,000
b. 500,000
c. 11 million
d. 75 million

5. What finally stopped the violence during the Rwandan genocide?

a. United Nations sent in troops.
b. Tutsi rebel forces took control of Kigali.
c. The United States sent in troops.
d. Belgians reasserted control over the country.

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