News Quiz for Week Ending September 23, 2016

Posted on: 09.22.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    Which of the following has had the greatest legal impact regarding social issues in the United States?

a.    President Barack Obama
b.    Planned Parenthood
c.    the city of Charlotte, North Carolina
d.    the United States Supreme Court

2.    Why did Google scientists feed romance novels to an AI engine?

a.    They wanted to teach it to write poetry.
b.    They did it by accident.
c.    They hoped to improve its conversational skills.
d.    They wanted the AI system to write its own novel.

3.    What do opponents argue might happen if free college is offered to all Americans?

a.    higher taxes
b.    more competitive schools
c.    fewer high-quality teachers
d.    the end of Common Core Standards

4.    What do the researchers recommend for weight loss?

a.    participating in a study on weight loss
b.    wearing two devices at the same time
c.    using willpower to eat less and exercise
d.    sharing fitness results on social media sites

5.    Which of the following is a reason Lyme disease can be hard to diagnose?

a.    Thousands of people are infected every year.
b.    The ticks that transmit the disease are very small.
c.    The telltale bull’s-eye rash is difficult to see.
d.    Current lab tests are not always reliable.








1. d
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. d

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