News Quiz for Week Ending April 1, 2016

Posted on: 03.31.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    Why did the director of Arlington National Cemetery deny WASPs the right to be buried there?

a.    because the cemetery is reserved for those killed in combat
b.    because WASPs are not officially considered veterans
c.    because WASPs never saw battle
d.    because of space restrictions


2.    What reason does festival cofounder De Niro provide for pulling the anti-vaccination film from the festival’s schedule?

a.    The filmmaker has been discredited.
b.    The festival must protect its reputation.
c.    The festival was showing too many films.
d.    The film would not prompt a valuable discussion.


3.    Which of the following describes the approach scientists are using to fight the Zika virus?

a.    Scientists are spraying fluorescent insecticide to kill Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
b.    Scientists are targeting mosquito breeding sites to destroy existing mosquito larvae.
c.    Scientists are genetically modifying the virus to prevent stunted brain development in babies.
d.    Scientists are releasing mosquitoes that have been altered to prevent future offspring from maturing.


4.    Why are ice cream prices going up?

a.    because more people buy ice cream
b.    because of a shortage of vanilla beans
c.    because many ice cream factories closed
d.    because of an increase in advertising costs


5.    How can the image on ShiftWear shoes be changed?

a.    By selecting the image on a dial on the back of the shoe.
b.    Through a smartphone app.
c.    By purchasing the design and having it programmed in a store.
d.    The design cannot be changed. Each shoe is unique.







1. c
2. d
3. d
4. b
5. b

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