News Quiz for Week Ending April 13, 2018

Posted on: 04.12.2018 in weekly_quiz

1. Why do some U.S. politicians want to put pressure on Russia as a response to the chemical attack in Syria?

a. because the president of Syria is Russian
b. because Russia is the closest country to Syria
c. because Russia helps keep the Syrian leader in power
d. because Russia could have stopped the attack and chose not to

2. What do economists say could cause an economic crisis in America?

a. having a budget deficit
b. running on a deficit for 45 years
c. having a U.S. debt of any amount
d. having a U.S. debt of $33 trillion

3. What was Bill Nye’s main goal at the March for Science in Washington, D.C.?

a. to call attention to climate change and support scientific research
b. to encourage everyone to become scientists and engineers
c. to recruit members to join the Mad Scientists Club
d. to promote his new television series

4. How many Facebook users have likely had their data collected and shared by outside companies?

a. none
b. some
c. about half
d. most

5. What is causing coral bleaching?

a. The sun shield has reduced the amount of sun exposure to the coral reef, turning it white.
b. Australia is dumping bleach into the water around the coral reef.
c. Global warming is killing the algae that coral needs to survive.
d. Overfishing is killing the colorful fish that live among coral.








1. c
2. d
3. a
4. d
5. c

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