News Quiz for Week Ending April 20, 2018

Posted on: 04.19.2018 in weekly_quiz

1. What is Russia’s stance on the allegations against Syria?

a. Syria committed the chemical attacks.
b. Syria is secretly working with the Russians on chemical attacks.
c. Syria is innocent of any wrongdoing in regard to chemical attacks.
d. Syria did not order the chemical attacks but knew they were going to happen.

2. What is one of the reasons for the recent increase in opioid overdoses?

a. An opioid manufacturing plant in Dayton, Ohio, produced mass quantities of opioids.
b. Several new, extremely powerful opioids are available now.
c. There is a shortage of Narcan, the drug that reverses overdoses.
d. Opioids have recently been declared legal in most states.

3. How will NASA’s TESS collect data about exoplanets?

a. by monitoring light
b. by monitoring gases
c. by monitoring weight
d. by monitoring sound

4. What did Barbara Bush object to about modern politics?

a. Campaigning took a lot of time.
b. Politicians have many advisors.
c. Debates were scheduled at the last minute.
d. Compromise was seen as a bad thing.

5. What is a long-term goal of the NYPD prom giveaway program?

a. to help the students grow up to be confident adults
b. to clean out their closets
c. to remember their own prom experiences
d. to help the students have a good prom experience











1. c
2. b
3. a
4. d
5. a

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