News Quiz for Week Ending April 21, 2017

Posted on: 04.20.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What happened with the missile North Korea launched on Sunday?

a. It reached its destination.
b. It landed on the wrong target.
c. It blew up just after being launched.
d. It cannot yet be determined.

2. Why do you think Australian officials wanted to remove the Great Barrier Reef from the list of world sites at risk from climate change?

a. Scientists agreed that the reef is no longer at risk from climate change.
b. If tourists thought the reef was dying, they might not want to visit anymore.
c. Diving is now prohibited at certain reef sections in order to conserve the damaged reef.
d. Officials feel there are better ways to inform tourists about the dangers of climate change.

3. How did the president of Turkey get more power?

a. He used the military to take more power.
b. The constitution of Turkey allowed for more power.
c. Several judges ruled that he should have more power.
d. The people voted to give him more power

4. What does Saturn’s moon have in common with Earth’s ocean floor?

a. rovers
b. microbes
c. frozen crust
d. hydrogen vents

5. Which problem is a direct threat to endangered species in China?

a. habitat loss
b. coral reef destruction
c. melting polar ice
d. rain forest destruction











1. c
2. b
3. d
4. d
5. a

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