News Quiz for Week Ending April 28, 2017

Posted on: 04.27.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. What is drawing attention to this year’s presidential election in France?
a. Candidates talked about bringing back jobs.
b. The election had more than one round of voting.
c. Two candidates are facing off against each other.
d. Neither candidate represents a mainstream party.

2. Which of the following countries exports the most clothing?
a. United States
b. Bangladesh
c. Vietnam
d. India

3. What has led to a decrease in the income of Hollywood writers?
a. a previous strike
b. a rise in cable television
c. a new deal with producers
d. a change to their health plan

4. What do the two executive orders President Trump signed this week have in common?
a. Both aim to reduce federal power.
b. Both involve Secretary Betsy DeVos.
c. Both ask for a review of national monuments.
d. Both prompted a statement from environmental groups.

5. What triggered the 1992 Los Angeles riots?
a. the use of cameras in police cruisers
b. the footage of officers beating Rodney King
c. the police officer not getting charged for the death of Michael Brown
d. the not-guilty verdict in the trial of the four police officers





1. d
2. b
3. b
4. a
5. d

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