News Quiz for Week Ending August 25, 2017

Posted on: 08.24.2017 in weekly_quiz

1. Which of these statements best describes how a solar eclipse occurs?

a. When the sun and the moon and the Earth are all in a direct line, the moon blocks our view of the sun.
b. When the Earth’s gravity changes the orbit of the moon, the sun’s light becomes blocked.
c. When the moon is closest to the Earth, the sun’s light cannot pass through to our atmosphere.
d. When the moon’s orbit matches the sun’s, the Earth is temporary blocked from its light.

2. Which statement best summarizes President Trump’s new strategy for the war in Afghanistan?
a. The plan is to wage more force in Afghanistan.
b. The plan is to immediately end all U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.
c. The plan is to continue with strategies already in place in Afghanistan.
d. The plan is to wait several months before making any decisions about the war in Afghanistan.

3. According to experts, what can lead to risky driving habits in teens?
a. inexperience
b. lack of sleep
c. confidence
d. busy schedules

4. What is one potential outcome for scientists studying the photos of the eclipse?
a. NASA may learn ways to build more powerful spacecraft.
b. Astronauts may land on the sun within a few years.
c. Ideas for new farming techniques may be discovered.
d. Problems with electrical grids may be reduced.

5. What is one reason LED tube lights might be less expensive to use than fluorescent lights?
a. LED lights are easier to install.
b. LED tube lights last longer than fluorescents.
c. LED bulbs are cheaper to buy.
d. LED is a newer technology.












1. a
2. a
3. c
4. d
5. b

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