News Quiz for Week Ending August 26, 2016

Posted on: 08.25.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    To best protect yourself from Zika, which scenario should you avoid?

a.    jogging on a treadmill at the gym in the spring
b.    relaxing with friends by a pond in the summer
c.    reading a book in an old library on a fall day
d.    walking along the beach on a windy, wintry day

2.    What is the main reason federal regulators want to ban swimming with dolphins?

a.    to reduce boat pollution
b.    to help the dolphins stay healthy
c.    to increase tourism in other states
d.    to encourage other daytime activities

3.    What is making the rescue effort difficult after the earthquake in the town of Amatrice, Italy?

a.    the weather
b.    the mountains
c.    the stories of hope
d.    the time the quake struck

4.    When did NASA lose contact with STEREO-B?

a.    when it was launched into space
b.    when it left Earth’s atmosphere
c.    when it went toward the sun
d.    when it went behind the sun

5.    Which of the following are currently proven successful uses of stem cells?

a.    growing replacement hearts
b.    bone marrow transplants
c.    growing replacement livers
d.    treating Alzheimer’s disease




1. b
2. b
3. b
4. d
5. b

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