News Quiz for Week Ending December 2, 2016

Posted on: 12.01.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What was a major change in consumer habits this year?

a.    People saved their shopping for Cyber Monday.
b.    Millions of people headed to stores to shop.
c.    Stores had major discounts and deals.
d.    More people shopped online.

2.    What is the purpose of Giving Tuesday?

a.    to shop for presents
b.    to use new hashtags
c.    to give to people in need
d.    to partner with companies around the world

3.    Who requested the election vote recount in some states?

a.    Jill Stein
b.    Hillary Clinton
c.    Donald Trump
d.    Wisconsin voters

4.    What does aerospace company Lockheed Martin hope to achieve with its Mars Experience?

a.    to inspire students to pursue a career in aerospace engineering
b.    to teach students how to build a rocket ship to Mars
c.    to provide students with college aerospace credits
d.    to find the next student to travel into outer space

5.    What is the fourth dimension that 4D movie theaters offer?

a.    a darkened room paired with a large, bright screen
b.    the ability to physically experience what is happening in the movie
c.    a projection that makes characters look as if they could step off the screen
d.    the placement of seats so that everyone in the audience can see the screen






1. d
2. c
3. a
4. a
5. b

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