News Quiz for Week Ending February 10, 2017

Posted on: 02.09.2017 in weekly_quiz

1.    What is a refugee?

a.    someone who participates in a civil war
b.    someone who wants to move to a new country
c.    someone who has been interviewed by Homeland Security
d.    someone who must flee their own country for safety reasons

2.    What is an effect of schools offering music programs?

a.    Schools cut art programs.
b.    Graduation rates increase.
c.    Young musicians feel pressured.
d.    More people give to nonprofit groups.

3.    What made the confirmation for Betsy DeVos historic?

a.    The confirmation took place on a Monday.
b.    DeVos is an outsider to the education system.
c.    Vice President Pence voted in the confirmation.
d.    The president’s first pick for the position was confirmed.

4.    What does it mean that the Rohingya in Myanmar are stateless?

a.    Their own Muslim government was overthrown.
b.    They are not recognized as citizens of any country.
c.    No one knows where the Rohingya originally came from.
d.    The Rohingya have refused to become citizens of Myanmar.

5.    How has the international community responded to the current Rohingya crisis in Myanmar?

a.    It has demanded Myanmar act immediately to alleviate the suffering of the Rohingya.
b.    It currently provides emergency medical care in Rohingya refugee camps.
c.    It has resettled many of the Rohingya refugees in neighboring countries.
d.    It has criticized Myanmar’s treatment of the Rohingya.




1. d
2. b
3. c
4. b
5. d

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