News Quiz for Week Ending February 12, 2016

Posted on: 02.11.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    What does North Korea claim it tested last month?

a.    a nuclear bomb
b.    an international law
c.    an economic sanction
d.    an emergency session


2.    Why did Chipotle locations across the country close for a few hours this week?

a.    to test ingredients for bacteria
b.    to make sure sales keep plunging
c.    to give extra time off to sick employees
d.    to hold a special meeting about food safety


3.    What does Bernie Sanders claim was a factor in his winning the Democratic New Hampshire primary?

a.    knocking on doors
b.    huge voter turnout
c.    negative campaigning
d.    being in it for the long haul


4.    Why did the state of Michigan change Flint’s water supply?

a.    because people were not fishing in the Flint River
b.    because changing the water supply would save money
c.    because lead levels were high in the water in some homes
d.    because local factories were dumping toxic waste into the Flint River


5.    What is the main reason the owner of Crumbs and Whiskers decided to open a cat café?

a.    to provide stray cats with a good home at the café
b.    to show that cats offer greater health benefits than dogs.
c.    to give people the chance to enjoy a pet without the responsibility
d.    to provide a safe place for people with high blood pressure to enjoy coffee








1. a
2. d
3. b
4. b
5. c

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