News Quiz for Week Ending January 12, 2018

Posted on: 01.11.2018 in weekly_quiz

1. What is the name of the movement represented by the all-black clothing at the Golden Globes?

a. Not Now
b. Time’s Up
c. Listen Closely
d. Darkness Rises

2. What is one fix Facebook is likely to implement?

a. offer more tools for adjusting photographs
b. provide ways for people to post in different languages
c. increase the way people can connect with others
d. reduce the ability for people to post fake news

3. According to a new study on sports injuries, who is most likely to suffer an injury?

a. a student playing a new sport for the first time
b. a student athlete who specializes in one sport
c. a student athlete who plays multiple sports
d. a student who does not play any sports

4. What has the South Korean government agreed to do?

a. test rescue robots at disaster relief sites
b. put robots to work in its armed forces
c. invest money in developing robots
d. buy rescue robots

5. If the population of wild horses continues to grow, how could it be harmful to the horses?

a. They could run out of food.
b. They might stop reproducing.
c. They might lose federal spending.
d. They might cause farmers to move away.









1. b
2. d
3. b
4. c
5. a

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