News Quiz for Week Ending January 19, 2018

Posted on: 01.18.2018 in weekly_quiz

1. Which federal agency is investigating the Hawaii missile scare?

a. Centers for Disease Control
b. Small Business Administration
c. Federal Communications Commission
d. Corporation for National and Community Service

2. What topic can lawmakers not reach an agreement on in relation to the federal budget?

b. national parks
c. the environment
d. the emergency alert system

3. What do the kinds of jobs that are furloughed during a government shutdown have in common?

a. They are not related to the arts.
b. They are not important to public safety.
c. They do not require interaction with the public.
d. They are in departments that do not receive tax dollars.

4. When did tensions begin between North Korea and South Korea?

a. during the last Olympics
b. at a recent meeting between the two nations
c. just after a non-Olympic sporting event a few years ago
d. when the Korean War began

5. According to the new study, what causes kids who watch more TV to snack more?

a. boredom from inactivity
b. television advertisements
c. being alone while watching television
d. skipping meals before sitting in front of the television











1. c
2. a
3. b
4. d
5. b

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