News Quiz for Week Ending January 29, 2016

Posted on: 01.28.2016 in weekly_quiz

1.    Why was the United States supportive of Mubarak, even though he was a dictator?

a.    Mubarak was educated in the United States.
b.    The United States and Egypt are allies in the war in Afghanistan.
c.    Mubarak helped facilitate good deals on oil prices for the United States.
d.    U.S. officials felt that they needed Mubarak to maintain peace in the region.


2.    According to the “Turning the Tide” report, what quality should universities look for in applicants?

a.    humor
b.    kindness
c.    dedication
d.    athleticism


3.    What does a biochemist study?

a.    the physical world
b.    the behavior of animals
c.    the air quality in a certain region
d.    the chemical processes in living organisms


4.    How is the Zika virus spread?

a.    by mosquitoes
b.    by shaking hands
c.    by breathing in the virus
d.    by drinking contaminated water


5.    All of the following are stated benefits of standing desks, except:

a.    weight loss
b.    improved grades
c.    increased focus
d.    better relationships between students








1. d
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. d

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